Odile Audette (mileiyu_chan) wrote in a_dancers_room,
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Okay! Hm... Let's see...

1. How long have you been dancing? A couple years

2. What type of dance do you major in? I major in ballet but I also do jazz and some lyrical. I will be doing more next year once I have more time.

3. Do you dance at a dance school? Yes. Shannon O'brien's School of Dance

4. Do you plan to be a dancer as a life career? I would love to be a professional dancer but I doubt I would ever get that far.

5. What is the farthest you have got in dancing? Farthest??? Can you explain a little?

6. Anything else special about you and your dancing life? Uh... This isn't quite "special" but in the fall I will be auditioning for my school's dance team so wish me luck!
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