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Im New here! HI!

Okay well Ill answer these questions so you can all know a bit more about my life as a DANCER! YAY!

1. How long have you been dancing ? I have been dancing Since I was 3 so that would be 12 years now. WOW! Gone by Pretty fast!

2. What type of dance do you major in ? Mayjor? Well I absolutly love everything but Ballet is DEFINATLY my First!  I am currently doing Mayjors Advanced 1 Ballet and Grade 7 RAD Ballet.

3. What Other types of Dance do you do? I also do ISTD Tap and ISTD Modern, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Neo-Classical, Hip-Hop- Contemparary, Stretch and Strengthen and Company.

3. Do you dance at a dance school ? Not at a school, at a dance studio currently. Westcoast Acadamy of Performing Arts.

4. Do you plan to be a dancer as a life career ? Yes, I hope so. I truely love ALL types of performing though including acting and musical theatre as well.

5. What is the farthest you have got in dancing ? Farthest?? well I was at the Winipeg, gone to various auditions, done MILLIONS of performances, compete in numerous festivals and completed exams yearly, and won awards.

6. Anything else special about you and your dancing life ?  Dance IS my Entire life! Lol. yup thats about all

Love Jess

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