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Dance is passion

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Previous Entry Dance is passion Aug. 7th, 2006 @ 03:23 pm Next Entry
well,hey veryon!
i'm new in the community,don't really know what to say so i'm asnwering the following questons..:D

1. How long have you been dancing ? Since i was a baby but with real lessons..don't know some 7 years..not intrely seven years, cause i made so many different dances that i can't really remeber.

2. What type of dance do you major in ? Hip-hop,ragga soul, salsa,tango and valsa.

3. What Other types of Dance do you do? I'm not doing nothing at the moment doctors told me to stay home for some months.

3. Do you dance at a dance school ? Is more like a special gym. In Action, but i stopped in May i'll be back in some months tought.

4. Do you plan to be a dancer as a life career ? I wud lov to,but don't think i will do it.

5. What is the farthest you have got in dancing ? hum..don't know..can't remember.

6. Anything else special about you and your dancing life ? I love to dance, even out from the gym at the momnt i danc every night alone, some 2 hours phr day. I do dance plays sinc i was a kid in school and out from that on.


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