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A Dancers Room

About A place for the talented one ...
» A few pictures
Here are some pictures of diffrent dance styles sorry if I missed any. Let me know !

Dance StylesCollapse )
» (No Subject)
Alright now its time for me to really get involved in this community , I lost track in Livejournal for awhile. Well answer some questions about your life in dancing.

1. How long have you been dancing ?

2. What type of dance do you major in ?

3. Do you dance at a dance school ?

4. Do you plan to be a dancer as a life career ?

5. What is the farthest you have got in dancing ?

6. Anything else special about you and your dancing life ?
» Question...
Am I the youngest member of this community? I think I am. I'm only 14. T_T
» (No Subject)
Hey guys! My name's Erica...and i'm new to this community! I'm 16 and i've been dancing for 13 years now...i don't plan on stopping anytime soon! I live near atlanta georgia and love talking about dancing, so if you wanna talk...i'd <3 to!
I do ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, hip hop, modern, salsa and swing... I want to go proffesional after i graduate from high school...so we'll see!
<3 Erica
» (No Subject)
So. I am now a member of this community. Technically, my friend found it first, so she'll be third. I'm fourth. My name's Sarah and I love to salsa. I love to watch dancers preform as well. I'm 17.
...So yeah. Hey! *waves*
» (No Subject)
I feel so special! I am the second person to join this community! Yay! I am Mel. I am 14 years old. I have been dancing all my life. I currently take ballet and jazz, but I used to take acro. I love to perform and act also. I go to www.shannonobriendance.com
» (No Subject)
This is the dancers room. This is a place for all dancers to express they're feelings about dance and to show things they've done about dance and to promote themselves. I am a dancer myself and I believe that a gift such as rhythm, than it should be show to the world. A dancer is an artist and should show what masterpeices they can create.

Please Join !
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